Our Services

Project Planning & Scheduling

  • Deconstruct and plan event production process, create timeline and milestones, tasks for client, agency, vendors and authorities concerned.
  • Help define and set roles and responsibilities for all parties involved
  • Define and reflect roles and responsibilities in a master document/ timeline
  • Master document (production show-run) will include set-up, event proper and teardown (return venue in original state)

Design & Technical Detailing

  • Concept & design interpretations superimposed on photographs or 3D rendering of event scenarios – all scaled to floor plans
  • Venue spatial plan – with scaled proportions and audience flow, based on venue onsite measurements, physical confines and restrictions, emergency services access etc
  • FSB, Permit Applications related to the proposed floor plan
  • Final production shop drawings (CAD for builders) – actual use for construction and printing (Design FA)

Manpower & Logistics

  • Staffing plan – for show and production duration, for set-up/ tear down
  • Manpower analysis and supply – various roles for various duties / responsibilities
  • Training and deployment
  • Security – analysis and deployment of guards, armed or otherwise
  • Welfare – Staff rostering, staff uniform / dressing for the roles, meals and rest/ meal
    areas, on-site catering for client / vendors, event staff
  • Transport, VIP to event staff, demo products, showcases, samples and client furniture and accessories for the event
  • Import / export permits and freighting

Budget Control

  • Experience from past events – helps to plan for budget control, payment schedules, on-site cash flow and payment
  • Dispensing and vendor payment
  • Overall project budget oversight
  • Checks and balances

Vendor Selection

  • Shortlist and qualify vendors for various parts of the event
  • Align client’s expectations and vendor deliverables
  • Local knowledge and experience
  • Areas of responsibilities – based on agreed scope of work for construction & build, carpentry, décor, video and audio requirements, content production, production supervision and adaptation/ “fit for event” of client assets. Designs, based oncampaigns and HQ CI compliant

Cross Border, International Experience

South East Asian markets – with trusted in-country partners and Vapor managers
deployed and supervising projects directly.

  • Hong Kong, SAR-China
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ho Chi Min (Saigon) Vietnam
  • Manila, The Philippines